Pimp your Zoobe video

Zoobe videos are great! Whe you're surfing on the internet, occasionally you will find Zoobe videos with spacy visual effects, filters, background music and much more. You may have asked yourself already how to produce videos in such a way. Therefore, we enable you to see behind the curtain of the process of creating those videos!

WOW! That video is breathtaking. To create cool Videos like this, at first you need to produce one or more videos in the Zoobe App.

The next step is to download a video editing tool in the  AppStore or Play Store. There are many different apps, for example Cute CutVivaVideoReplay and Magisto.

Our favorite editing app is VivaVideo. Just try out different apps to find the one that suits you the best. Now we want to give you a litte impression of different apps. A detailed tutorial about the editing of Zoobe videos by using the example of the VivaVideo app you can find HERE.


1. VIVA VIDEO - many specials

The VivaVideo app makes it possible to add many pretty and funny editings. You can cut and merge videos and choose a transition between 2 videos. Moreover you can add visual effects, filters, stickers, text and speech bubbles. Additionally you can use background music to change the mood of your video so your voice is musically supported. For each extra you can decide the start and the end of duration. Thus, you can play around a lot in only one project with many varieties - it all for free!


2. REPLAY - nice and easy

The Replay app offers many different editing tools. One or more videos can be added in any order, each video can be cut, or being dubled and text can be added. Furthermore,  you will find different categories which include filters, some are for free others you have to pay for.

3. CUTE CUT - playful and free

At first you can decide your basic settings. It's suggestive to use horizontal format, you can choose a cover photo and set up the video quality. Another advantage of the  Cute Cut app is that you can add many different types of files in a video: videos, photos, text, self-drawings and figures, music, sound effects and your own voice recording.

4. MAGISTO - quick and easy (3 steps only!)

The Magisto app built very easily. First you chose one or more videos and optional also photos (1). Afterwards, have to choose a theme that fits your video idea (2) and choose a background song (3). Now you have to wait until your final video is created. On the one hand you can't play around a lot and you have to do each step. On the other hand is this editing process very easy and also the quickest out of all of them, it only takes a very few minutes until you receive a wonderful video.