Sagittarius birthday ideas

Sagittarius, it’s your month and Zoobe wants to bring you the best birthday wishes. It’s that moment when the Zoobe birthday messages will fly your way because you are a little bit picky and you don’t like regular cards and cliché presents, right? Well, we have studied your personality and we’ll try to help the ones who have no idea what present to give you.

A Sagittarius believes that rules are meant to be broken; he is confident and thinks he can do everything he wants, being as ambitious as he is. Moreover, he has a positive attitude towards this world and loves to be independent.  

We are sure a Sagittarius will love a Zoobe message, whether it is one of the Smurfs’ Happy Birthday option, Maya the Bee and Willy’s wishes or Pinky’s Present.    

Sagittarius natives can be a little impatient so let’s not keep them waiting.  


1. Trait: Adventurous
Gift: Crazy experience

Source: We Heart It


2. Trait: loves personalised things and experiences
Gift: Zoobe message


3. Trait: intellectual
Gift: Books

Source: We Heart It

4. Trait: sociable
Gift: surprise party

Source: Tumblr

5. Trait: inspirational
Gift: favorite quote framed

Source: Jessee Journa

6. Trait: active
Gift: hiking trip

Source: Buzz Wall Paper


7. Trait: likes unusual things
Gift: art show or gallery

Source: We Heart It

8. Trait: philosophical and religious
Gift: trip to a peaceful place

Source: We Heart It


9. Trait: talented with words
Gift: Notebook (paper or screen)

Source: We Heart It

10. Trait: proud
Gift: DIY gift

Source: We Heart It

Do you have any other idea? Let us know in the comments!