Slimer from Ghostbusters, now in the Zoobe app! Who you gonna call?

Zoobe Slider - Ghostbusters

In 1984, Ghostbusters was released and became a big success that was nominated for two Oscar awards - Best Visual Effects and Best Original Song. And there's no wonder why this comedy made everyone sing "Who you gonna call now?" even nowadays. The sequel came 5 years later and enchanted the audience all over the world. Now, more than 30 years later from the first movie, Ghostbusters will be back in cinemas. But before the realising of the new and adored comedy, Slimer landed in the Zoobe Shop!   

And this is the perfect timing, right? We already knew the funny ghosts will be back, but it's a long time waiting till next year. We started counting each day, but the fact we can play with Slimer all day long and make him the staring character in our videos eases our waiting.  

"I am so excited to not only be able to fly through walls and slime people whenever I want, but also..." Can you guess what Slimer from Ghostbusters said (before watching the video)? ;)

Posted by Zoobe - say it with character on Wednesday, August 19, 2015

You'll find Slimer in the Zoobe Shop with two awesome moods and environments. Either sad and eating so we can get back in shape and slime people, or happily hunting indoors. Just like the examples bellow. 

If you are just like us and can't get enough of watching Ghostbusters, go to the Zoobe Shop right now and get your FREE Slimer pack, create videos and share them with us or just post them on Twitter using #Zoobe or #WhoYouGonnaZoobe! Ready?