Spring Zoobe messages for your friends

From meteorological point of view, spring should already be here, but according to other cultures, it comes on Spring Equinox, on 21st of March. Either way, we can say spring arrived and the happiness overwhelms us all. Spring has always been seen as a moment when nature comes to life, new beginnings are welcomed and expected, but most importantly, our mood is better and everybody seems happier. This is the perfect moment for sending Zoobe messages to wish your close ones a happy spring and share good vibes.

It’s the time when flowers bloom; we have longer days to do whatever we want and warmer weather that allows us to spend more time outdoors and enjoy the nature. There’s no wonder that many relationships start during springtime, when people are more open and happy.

Don’t miss the chance to spread joy and positive vibes all around: say hello to your neighbours, smile at random people passing by and send cute messages to the ones you care about. To make it even easier for you, we made a list of the most suitable Zoobe characters to use for your spring messages.  

Maya & Willy
Everybody knows that spring is the rebirth and rejuvenation time when flowers grow and ladybugs and bees appear to emphasize the spring rush and excitement. Maya and Willy are perfect to use for your friends’ messages either to wish them a lovely spring or invite them to go on a nature trip.   


Keinohrhase, Zweiohrküken, Fox & Bear
These cute characters spend all their time outside and love it. Use the one you want the most and choose a preset background and mood: sunny and happy, rainy and sad or thunderstorm and angry. Probably the best one is the sunny one where you can send spring’s good energy to your family or friends. Pick Keinohrhase, Zweiohrküken, Fox or Bear and let them do the magic. Just a tip: the chick with two ears can do the trick for girls. Shhh… let’s keep this between us. :) 


Bunny, Easter Bunny & Dancing Bunny
Bunnies are also associated with spring due to Easter, which is always celebrated in this season. Zoobe has a wide range of bunnies, so you can use the one that your friend would love. Try the simple Bunny to send spring vibes, the Easter Bunny for those who love to paint or the Dancing Bunny for the friends who can’t stay still and need to dance to feel alive. 


Pinky the Present
What’s spring if not the nature’s present to humans? Pinky can deliver your message as a wrapped present for the one who’ll receive it. The cute pink box has the ability to make people smile and feel good.


He may be a bit crazy, but you have to admit he’s the cutest tyrannosaur. He loves to eat, hunt and daydream. Pick one of the Tyranni packs, choose your background and send it to your mother, colleague or lover.

We chose the Good Morning option and created a message that inspires spring and can be used for your girlfriend or boyfriend.


The cute panda loves to spend time outside; either eating, sitting on the potty, playing or having a bath. He’s the sweetest creature and nobody can resist him. We are sure he’ll do the trick with your boyfriend or girlfriend.


Eve & Adam
They might look a bit more serious but they won’t let you down. Use them to send a spring message to your teacher, colleague or boss.

Halvar the Vicking
Halvar might be a Viking, but he has good manners and loves to offer flowers to the ladies. Select the bouquet of flowers option in the Zoobe app and deliver and a spring message to whomever you think deserves flowers and a lovely wish.

Now all you have to do is choose the character, create a sweet message and send it to the ones you want to see happy. Let us know in the comments what’s the character you’ll be using.