Tech Open Air 2013: Zoobe talks about Mobile Messaging Apps

Last week Tech Open Air made Berlin the center of all tech, startups and arts related for its second edition. This year included as well a second day full of events powered by the community and all the startups based in Berlin could propose their own topics and workshops. Since we love mobile messaging apps, we sent Monica to give an overview on how they have evolved to be now heading to become the new social networks.

Around 15 people attended the workshop in Ahoy! coworking space and enjoyed the ride from the very first OTT (Over The Top) services to what mobile messaging apps are now and can become in a near future. We showcased how these apps are monetising and where is Zoobe included in that picture. Are you curious about all these topics? Well, then check the slides and join us for Social Media Week Berlin in September! ;)

Mobile Messaging Apps: The new social networks?



We want to thank the #TOA13 organisers and the Ahoy! staff for the opportunity and all their help, see you next year for more awesomeness!