Thanksgiving – the time to be grateful

Thanksgiving is more than tradition, history and food; Thanksgiving is a day when we should remember to be grateful for all the things we have, for the people who are close to us and for the family we all have, either blood related or the one we have created. 

We are grateful that we have you and we love creating new characters and features to make you happy and help you spread your lovely messages with your loved ones.


What are your reasons to be grateful for this Thanksgiving? We made a poll and here are the results?


1. Life

Source: hope chapel


2. Health

Source: Tumblr


3. Family

Source: We Heart It

4. Friends

Source: We Heart It

5. Nature

6. Free time

Source: We Heart It

7. Peace 

Source: We Heart It

8. Food on your table

Source: We Heart It

9. Memories

Source:  We Heart It


10. Internet - for connecting you and others despite the physical space in between 

Source:  We Heart It


Tell us in your comments what else are you grateful for. 

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