The best of Zoobe on Youtube in 2014

We want to start the year honouring all those Zoobe lovers who not only create Zoobe messages to surprise friends and family, but who also decide to make their little masterpieces available for the world to see. We are talking about the Zoobe fans who upload their videos on YouTube.

We do realise making a Zoobe message for private pleasure is pretty easy and fun, but what about testing your voice skills in front of a global audience famous for its creativity and raw criticism? Well, that takes lots of creativity, time and... guts!

That is why we are so happy to discover everyday more and more Zoobe messages on YouTube. This year, we've witnessed as well how those Zoobe lovers built channels subscribed by thousands of YouTube users and published videos with hundreds thousand views and counting. We are VERY impressed!

So here comes a list with the best videos and channels we encountered, plus which videos of our own channel you found the best:

1. The Russian community smashed all records in 2014

Zoobe users in Russia grew like crazy from October on and soon they claimed their spot as the most prolific and active users around. The most viewed video created by a Zoobe user and posted on YouTube this year was made by Роман Нагорнов and boasts 688K+ views! You can see it above ;)

We hardly understand much of what our Russian fans create, but with the help of the Almighty Google Translate and some other secret tools, we got the point: you guys really love the Bunny! That's why we created for your eyes only the cute Bunny goes Russia package and we are happy to see how much you enjoyed with it these past days.

If you are interested on taking a look, check these Russian channels: 123ZoobeZoobe RusZoobe RussiaZoobe Tv, MsMalekyla, Olga NigaZoobe Show, Pan Poplawski and many more!

Thank you very very very much for your support!

2. The King of Zoobe in Germany is most definitely Udo

Videodeutschland's love for The Smurfs is by now legendary. We most definitely found his speeches about all sorts of topics hilarious and worth listening, but we have to admit sometimes we had to cover our eyes with his taste for sexy things. We'd advise you to handle his channel with care: surprises are always around the next video. In any case, we are very grateful to your passion for Zoobe, Udo!

3. Germany has many Zoobe young superstars

In the last couple of weeks, a bunch of new German Zoobe lovers appeared on stage to show us that they have a lot to offer for 2015. Special mention to Vanni VanMandy Kuehnel, Angelina M., Heike Barthelmann and Julia Pototskaja!

4. There's an International Youtube Channel for Zoobe

We were really happy to discover the Zoobe International channel for one simple reason: by now, many people around the world are creating Zoobes in their language, and we can hardly keep track. It is pretty frustrating to not to be able to understand your awesome videos and we thought it was very sweet someone managed to find a way to create Zoobes in many different languages. Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts!

5. The Zoobe YouTube channel grew: here you have our most popular videos

We are amazed that in 2014 Zoobe's YouTube channel gathered 405K+ views! That's lot of love from your side and we are extremely happy to entertain you. Above you can watch the videos you enjoyed the most in 2014. We'd be glad to hear your thoughts on what else you'd like us to show so in 2015 you even have more fun with our Zoobe YouTube Channel, so leave us a comment below!

Did you like our list? Did we forget a special YouTuber that makes Zoobe videos? Let us know in the comments and we'll include them on the list!