The Startup Safary Berlin visits the Zoobe office

This week was a busy week in the Berlin Startup world! As part of the Berlin Web Week, many events such as re:publica, heureka and Startup Safary brought the attention to what's amazing about the German capital in terms of innovation, and we were very lucky to have the adventurous Startup Safary attendees visiting the brand new Zoobe office in Mitte.

Several times a year, Startup Safary knocks on the doors of the most exciting companies from European cities and lets everyone get a glimpse on what's like to work in the ideas that will shape the future of tech. Community hubs, co-working spaces and VC firms participate as well and share their experience, insights and advice to attendees. So far, this event has been held in Poznan, Berlin and Athens.

For this May 2015 edition the list of companies involved has been quite impressive and included Zalando, Uber, SAP, GetYourGuide, Axel Springer Plug and Play, Point Nine Capital, hub:raum and of course, Zoobe. For the occasion we prepared a tour around our office, a presentation on "Who owns your chats" showcasing the biggest players worldwide in the mobile messaging market, and to sweeten up the deal, a beautiful salad buffet for all attendees.

The energy was amazing as soon as the Startup Safary guests arrived and even if the room got tight at some point, they most definitely enjoyed the ride. The different players in the mobile messaging world were described, we discussed their monetisation strategies, features, pros and cons, and finally how the animated messages that Zoobe provides are the next step towards making mobile communication more emotional, both for people and brands. If you are interested in taking a look on the presentation, here are the slides!

After a solid hour of hard thinking and learning, it was finally time for the long awaited lunch in the kitchen for our visitors, and we have to say they seemed to enjoy it! So much that even Maciek Laskus, Founder and CEO of Startup Safary, decided to stay a bit longer working here. Anytime Maciek, for the crashing in our desks and for having your awesome Safary crowd over!

Today we opened our doors for Startup Safary and the energy in the office was amazing! More than 40 people visited our...

Posted by Zoobe - say it with character on Donnerstag, 7. Mai 2015

All in all the event was a success for us and we are looking forward to the next edition. In case you'd like us to visit the Zoobe office as well, let us know with a comment below. Yes, it's that easy!