The story of Om Nom

If you visited the Zoobe Shop or you follow our Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or Instagram page, you definitely know Om Nom. He is a cute green creature that loves to eat sweets and does everything he can to get them. He is a very simple and honest “Nommie” who reveals easily when he’s happy, sad or excited.



Om Nom’s history
Om Nom is the main character of the Cut the Rope game that appeared for the first time in 2010 as an iOS based game, followed by the Android version in 2011.

In the games, the player tries to get the candies to Om Nom by cutting ropes and using the help of different other objects such as magnets, air cushions and flying characters.

Since 2010, many versions of the game have been launched: Cut the Rope: Holiday Gift, a free standalone Christmas-themed version of the game with 25 levels, and in 2011 as a sequel, Cut the Rope: Experiments was released. Two years later, Cut the Rope: Time Travel arrived. Here Om Nom travels back to the time of his ancestors. Next in line comes Cut the Rope 2 where additional monster characters appear in a more dynamic environment.

Last but not least, Cut the Rope: Triple Treat was released in March 2014 for Nintendo 3DS, including levels from 3 previous Cut the Rope games.

Meanwhile the Cut the Rope creators made a series of short movies. Here you can see Om Nom’s adventures outside the video game, where our little green friend lives in Evan's house. The second season was launched simultaneously with Cut the Rope: Time Travel and it presents the story of Om Nom visiting his ancestors. One of the episodes shows Om Nom returning to Evan's house, even though apparently it was just a dream. The current season covers the story of Cut the Rope 2 and it aired on CITV, in UK.


Om Nom in the Zoobe App  
At the end of 2014, Om Nom has joined the Zoobe family, hungry for sweets and ready to make your holidays warmer and cozier.


From Zoobe users’ videos we can understand that he is really loved in our family. In the Christmas edition, Om Nom is either indoors or outside enjoying the right mood and delivering your message but always with his eyes on the candies. Here’s what our fans have created:

Om Nom wants sweets - ZOOBE
Creator: living the life      


OM nom zoobe-2
Creator: Michał Pęczar


Om Nom Cut the Rope von ZOOBE Ich liebe Euch
Creator: videodeutschland 


My first om-nom
Creator: redninja8590034


Om Nom in love
But what is Om Nom without his pair, especially on Valentine’s Day? So, his girlfriend, Om Nelle, appeared in the Zoobe Shop too in the Om Nom in love pack. This time, you can actually choose Om Nelle to record your voice and deliver the message. No matter the green character you choose for your video, you can pick the landscape you want: either sitting together in a romantic mood under the moon light or floating in love (with the help of a bunch of balloons).



It is the perfect way to surprise the one you love with a romantic Om Nom in love message. Pick Om Nom or Om Nelle, choose your favorite mood (or upload your own background picture), record a sweet message and let the magic begin. Share it with your loved one and wait for the kisses and hugs to come.


Here are some suggestions:


If you want to find out more about our characters, you can read Paddington’s story or leave us a comment and tell us what’s the next cute Zoobe character you’d like to know more about.