The story of the cutest panda – Pao

Lovable, irresistible and sweet; they all capture our image of the amazing animal called panda. By now you probably have seen and maybe even used the Zoobe’s little cute panda: Pao. He is the adorable little bear that can steal everyone’s heart. He is lovely and playful, but most importantly, when you use him in your messages, the one who receives it will be so touched that your result will be granted. 

People have been fascinated with this species for a long time and that’s not a surprise when there are so few left in the world. Panda is an endangered species; so not many of us have the chance to see at least one of the few thousands remained. That’s why, we are so much happier that we get the chance to bring you such a lovely creature directly in your phone.  

Did you know that an average panda eats as much as 9 to 14 kg of bamboo shoots a day? And even though pandas are carnivores, their diet is over 99% bamboo. You can see that feature captured in our sweet character too: he loooves to eat… a lot. 

Pandas have a black-and-white coat and adults can measure up to 1.9 m, but our Pao is just a cub; one that has the mysterious coloring that makes this species so cute. Though it seems like that fur’s only purpose it to make them more adorable, scientists think that is a natural effective camouflage for their snowy and rocky habitat.

Another feature of pandas is solitude - each adult has a defined territory. Pao knows this so well from the beginning. He loves people but needs his privacy.

Pandas can climb trees and take shelter in rock crevices, but do not have any permanent home, thus pandas do not hibernate. Just like our Pao who’s here for you all year round.  

We are proud that until 2012 we had right here, in Berlin, one of the oldest pandas that ever lived. Bao Bao was here for 25 years (from his 34) and could’ve been seen in the famous Berlin Zoological Garden.

You could say that Bao Bao was an inspiration for our team when our experts designed the sweet character you can now use at any time. He was created with a lot of passion: with every line and circle a real panda seems to be recreated. And if you look carefully, you’ll see that even the cute black and white fur looks real.  

If you still don’t have Pao in your Zoobe app, you can download it right now. It’s totally free and you have 3 cute options for your message.


1.     Potty 


2. Bubble bath


3. Play, play & play 
Creator: Mia James Bennett

You can use Pao for your messages whenever you want to invite your friends out, send your boyfriend or girlfriend a cute message or even when you are running late. Just like this one.

We are so happy that a few months later after Pao’s launch, you guys made so many awesome videos with this adorable character. Our heart melts with every one of them. We are sorry we can’t put all of them together, but here are a few of them.

Get the new little baby panda from Zoobe 
Creator: living the life


Little Pao the panda
Creator: Phoebe Espina


Alone panda Pao
Creator: Arianna Rivadeneira

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