Top 10 ways to wake up happy

Most people are not morning persons, but some of these people actually have to wake up early. And if this is a must, why not make it a positive experience and learn to enjoy mornings. A cute Zoobe message is definitely one way to capture that smile on your face, but we found a few more.

If you don’t know what we’re talking about, then check out Smurfette, Clumsy Smurf, Grouchy, Papa Smurf or Tyranni and use their “Good morning” option. Send to the one you want to make happy one of these messages in the morning and collect appreciation for offering him or her such a special morning.  

This was a small spoiler, but we want to share with you the most awesome ideas and tricks. So, we made a survey and we sum up top 10 reasons why people wake up happy. Here’s the secret list that will make you smile everyday. 

1. Morning excitement
Schedule early in the morning a meeting that makes you feel good. Go see your boyfriend, grab a coffee with your BFF, take a trip to a place you love; anything that makes you excited. It will give you energy to wake up as soon as the clock rings.   

2. Paint your mornings
Decorate your room the way you want to – you need to have an awesome feeling when you step into the room and to feel happy when this is the first thing you see. Try adding your favorite color; it will cheer you up instantly.

Source: Tumblr

3. Count your blessings
As soon as you wake up, start thinking of the reasons you are thankful. It’s a nice exercise, not only to wake up happy, but also to become truly happy.

Source: The Big man’s world

4. Wake up in loving arms
Have the one you love wake you up with a kiss, a hug and a smile

Source: We heart it  

5. But the closest thing to this is… to check your messages
Yeah, this might not be the best advice, but if you know that someone fell asleep with you in mind, there’s a great chance to wake up with a lovely Good morning message.

6. Travel often

The excitement of having the breakfast in a new place and visiting the city should be enough to get you out of bed quick.

Source: We heart it  

7. Workout smile
Start your day with some workout and it will make you feel good and give you energy for the rest of the day. Try the Dancing Bunny video to invite your BFF to run together. 

Source: We heart it  


8. Stop snoozing
Every time you hit the button, your brain things you’re going to sleep but due to the lack of time, it can’t get to a deeper sleep that makes you feel rested. So, you can wake up even more tired than in the first place. Instead, just set your alarm when you really need to wake up and don’t try to trick your brain. It knows better. :)

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9. Perfect breakfast
The smell of your favorite breakfast, a coffee brewing in the kitchen and a friendly face; admit that you cannot refuse it.

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10. For coffee & tea addicts
Buy some special tea or coffee that you love so much and indulge yourself with such a treat each morning. Change them when it becomes a routine.

Source: We heart it