Write the perfect New Year Resolutions list for 2015 with Zoobe

The end of 2014 is approaching and for all of us is the moment of truth: did we achieved what we set our minds into last year? Did we finally put an end to that bad habit of ours, or did we made it to that dream target that's been escaping us year after year? Basically the questions is: did we live up to our own expectations?

What is obvious for all of us is that resolutions are damn hard to achieve. In these days, we are all in the mood for change and to see improvement in our lives. Since we are offered a clean slate, we want to start writing a new story of us and the sense of urgency doesn't leave us alone. But just like the previous year, we know that our good intentions are doomed and we are most probably heading to failure land. It doesn't have to be that way though: let's learn from our past experiences then and make a perfect list of resolutions for 2015.

How to start? Here our top 5 tips on how to write the perfect New Year Resolutions list:

1. Make it short. The more changes you pile up, the less you can focus on each and the easier it will be to put them aside in no time. Think on the 3 most important things for you, those who've been hunting you over the years and ask yourself which one will make a bigger impact on you. Is it quitting smoking? Is it shredding some weight? Is it writing that book? Being more productive at work so you arrive home earlier every day? Think it through and select 1 of them, 2 at max. If you do, you are closer to make it happen in 2015!

2. Be realistic. Most probably in past years you dreamt about what you could achieve and got lost in, well, daydreaming. Stay true to who you are and see your resolutions as just a couple of tweaks towards self-improvement. It's not about becoming someone else, is about making small changes that will feel great over time. Go over again to the list you made in the first step and ask yourself: is this realistic enough?

3. Add time pressure. A resolution is only a wish until you set a deadline. That's why it is important that you decide beforehand how much time will you allow yourself to reach your goals. Our advice: don't let it be June. The longer you have, the easier will it be to procrastinate and never actually get started. Think on first quarter of 2015. How do you want April to be?

4. Be specific about your resolutions. Try to set a very concrete goal for your next year. Losing weight is in almost everyone's list each year, specially after Christmas' excessive eating and drinking. And quitting smoking is not going to happen if you don't have a plan. So narrow it down: "Lose 5 Kg by March" sounds and IS stronger!

5. Write your resolutions down. Or better, share them publicly with your friends. Peer pressure is a real thing and if you let everyone know what is the most important change for you to achieve in 2015, surely people will help you. Here's an idea: why not sharing your resolution with a Zoobe message and send it to your closest friends? They won't be able to forget about it any time soon, and will make them want to help you to achieve your goal!

BONUS: be constant. Many of the most successful productivity tips put an emphasis on consistency. Never break the chain, stick to a habit 21 days (or 66, depending on the source) and it is going to be part of your life, word your new habit properly and switch to "I don't do _" instead of "I can't _" to avoid failing. It's backed by science and it is definitely sound advice! 

And with all these tips, we think you are ready to rock 2015. Just like you, the Zoobe team is also looking forward to make 2015 the best year ever at work and also in our personal lives. Do you want to know what are some of our resolutions for 2015? Check below the wishes of Andreas, Joshua, Keshant, Monica, Tomás and Uli. As you can see, we are following our own advice: making them public so we make them happen!

Tell us your resolutions in the comments below, so you too make sure this year they will come true ;)