Tourist Schnitzel: the globe-trotting pig is now on Zoobe!

Around the world with his camera and suitcase, that's the life of Tourist Schnitzel! Too bad he forgot to pack his sunscreen: now he as a serious sunburnt covering most of his pinky skin! Oh well, summer is merciless with those who spend all their time outdoors snapping pictures of all those amazing places to visit, right? So if you want to add the cute photographer Schnitzel, open now your Zoobe app and find him FOR FREE in the Zoobe Shop. Be as well a diligent picture hunter and add to your 3D animated messages the best shots you are taking during your holidays as background. This way, your friends and family can get both a message and a postcard from your holidays!

In need of some ideas? Check what Tourist Schnitzel can do in Zoobe's YouTube Channel: