Tourist Schnitzel, your summer holiday companion

They say once a traveler, always a traveler. And why is that? Probably because with every trip you take and every new city you visit, the appetite for more and more experiences opens up and you become a little travel addict. We have a wanderluster in the Zoobe family too – Schnitzel. He’s the one who’s there in your phone whenever you travel and want to send 3D greeting cards or wish you were here messages to the ones back home.

Each mountain view and every new landscape you capture makes you see things differently and pushes you to acknowledge there’s more to it then the everyday routine. There are many cultures, various types of people and wonderful colors this world has to provide for soul and mind.

This is the reason Tourist Schnitzel came to life. It’s that part of us that wants to see, visit, experience and live the beauties of Mother Earth. So even if you can’t jump on the plane right this moment, take our Schnitzel and send him to a place you dream of. And then, go follow him and send us a Zoobe video with your new conquest.  

So, for all of you who love to make the best of every trip, Schnitzel comes fully equipped with camera to capture all the important moments and fascinating cities.

If you are following our Facebook page then you have already seen Traveler Schnitzel and all the places he’s been to by now: we saw him in Vienna, Petra, Barcelona, Warsaw, Tokyo and in front of Taj Mahal. Each of these places reveals something new and has a different flavor.

Vienna is also called the City of Dreams, being the home of the world’s first psycho-analyst, Sigmund Freud, while Warsaw is known as the “phoenix city” due to its survival despite so many wars throughout history.  

At the opposite pole is Tokyo with all the bright and colorful lights and the high-tech experience. It will transport you to the next level whilst a trip in Petra will enrich your general knowledge and your soul with all the history and religious beliefs hidden behind the imposing architecture.   

And if you want to go all the way to India to visit Taj Mahal, be ready to be mesmerized. And what about Barcelona? Well, Barca is just fabulous. :D


Schnitzel is not only a solo traveler but loves to invite his friends and girlfriend to go along. Follow in his footsteps and use the character to create invitations for the ones you want to have besides you when traveling.

If you have dreamt of living the American dream, this is your chance. It’s summer already, so the holiday season gives you even more freedom of traveling. Send your sweetheart this invitation, amaze her and plan the New York experience you’ve always wanted – just like in movies.


Have you ever been to Berlin? Well, Zoobe is based here so we can surely recommend you the city. Grab a couple of friends, pack your bags and come to visit the touristic places, but not only. What Schnitzel is not telling you is that we have great clubs and places to grab a beer and make new friends. 

Oh, Paris! The city where every woman dreams of living in. You’ll totally surprise your loved one with a romantic getaway invitation.


You don’t even have to wait for the holiday. Just book some tickets for the weekend and send him or her an invitation when everything is booked. A London city break in 2 might be exactly what you need.  

We hope we made you feel like booking a flight and experiencing new places and cultures. When you get there, send us a Zoobe message and let us know where Schnitzel is and what wonderful places he is visiting alongside you. If you need some help in choosing next destination, check out our awesome Travel Pinterest board.  When you have your videos ready, Share the links with us in the comments or on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Google+.