Who is Donald Trump? Find out with Zoobe

American reality TV star and business mogul Donald Trump has famously joined the race for the 2016 Presidency. After talking about running several times since 1987, Trump has officially joined his esteemed Republican rivals. But despite his unconventional hairstyle and demanding to see Obama’s birth certificate in 2011, what do we really know about the 69 year old New Yorker, just who is Donald Trump?

First and foremost, Trump is a controversially successful business magnate and investor. His start came as a result of his father Fred Trump who had already amassed a real estate fortune before his death. Donald has controlled his Father’s company since the 1970’s. He has primarily invested in hotel and casino real estate and filed for business bankruptcy four times. He is also very well known for naming business holdings after himself including buildings, video games, buffets, magazines, clothing lines, and many others. Trump also owns a large number of golf courses and beauty pageants. He has stated that his net worth is around $9 billion, making him the wealthiest candidate in the running, although Forbes billionaire list says it’s closer to $4 billion. His net worth has been disputed in the past.  A 2005 Deutsche Bank assessment pegged his worth around only $800 million at the time.

Although Trump has never held public office, he has been very outspoken concerning his political views. His primary focuses are on increasing US jobs and building a wall along the Mexican border, which Mexico would pay for.

I will build a great, great wall on our southern border, and I will make Mexico pay for that wall. Mark my words” - Donald Trump

In 1999, in order to wipe out the national debt, he proposed enacting a one time 14% tax on Americans with over $10 million. On social issues he is fairly right leaning. After years of being pro-choice, in 2011 he switched to being pro-life. Additionally he is against same-sex marriage. Although he supported universal healthcare in 2000, he vehemently opposes Obamacare, calling it a ‘trillion ton weight’ on the economy. Despite claiming to have never indulged in any drugs or alcohol, he supports full drug legalisation as a method of increasing tax revenue for education.

His foreign policy worldview is largely oil-based, and he believes we are drilling too slowly for what he calls America’s ‘lifeblood’. He is also extremely critical of China’s influence in the United States and has called for a 25% tax on imports in order to maintain US jobs. However, many of his self-named products are made in China.

It should be clear that as a businessman and a showman, Trump’s politics tend to be financially influenced rather than ideological. Although Trump has withdrawn from his reality TV show in order to legally be a candidate, there’s no question that he will continue entertaining viewers with his fiery rhetoric over the coming months. 

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