Why a Cancer Sun Sign guy can be the best and worst boyfriend

Every astrological sign has its own traits and whether you believe in signs or not, from time to time, each sign shows its true color. And in these particular cases, you should be prepared to deal with the moods, feelings and communication issues.

The astrological sign of Cancer is no different. He is known to be a great partner, shows devotion and is there for you whenever you need. But all this love can be overwhelming sometimes.

They can feel unimportant if you forget to send “I miss you” and “Thinking of you messages” or if you insist on taking a holiday all by yourself.

But all of these happen because he loves to be around you, to give you all his attention and to become an important part of your life. And there are no hidden reasons or ulterior motives. That’s just the way he is: loving, loyal and emotional.   

Already thinking of people born under the Cancer sign? We’ll give you some more names that you probably didn’t know about.

Chace Crawford (Nate Archibald from Gossip Girl) and his BFF on set, Ed Westwick or Chuck Bass, are both Cancer. Daniel Radcliffe (Harry Potter actor) and Tom Cruise are wearing the same sign. Still not convinced? The sentimentalist Jason Mraz is also born under the Cancer sign.

Now it’s time to see why he can be the best but also the worst boyfriend if he doesn’t find the balanced relationship he needs.  

1. He is imaginative

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2. But he can be too out of this world

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3. He is intuitive…

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4. But sometimes he can become the “I knew it” guy

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5. He is loyal

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6. But he might want to feel the same level of loyalty from you. Are you willing to give it?

7. He is emotional

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8. Sometimes he’s too emotional

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9. But  in the end… love is all that matters

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Now that you’ve seen these, don’t you think is time to send the Cancer guys you know a Happy birthday message? Yes you do. Here’s how you can do it:

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