Why do people love to dance

Professional dancers, amateurs or even babies dancing; we all love to see people having the right moves and enjoying a good dance. You told us, we know it and that’s why we are bringing you 5 new Zoobe characters that can dance. You have to try them all to see which has the moves you like the most. Maybe you like our lovely dancing Smurfette, or Barry the Basset who loves to dance after work, or you might enjoy Vic the Viking and the crew dancing. But for sure you will love the dancing Bunny’s  and the sexy Oktoberfest Eve’s moves.

We are sure you’ll enjoy them, but first let’s get at the bottom of this “why we love to dance” mystery.

“There is a bit of insanity in dancing that does everybody a great deal of good” said Edwin Denby. Might be so, but there are so many reasons people dance: they are trying to loosen up, they are being sociable and doing what the others do or they are in a good mood and do the happiness dance. :)  But one thing is sure: almost everybody loves dancing.  Why is that?

First, we have the music that we dance on. This can give us different moods; it can create a new inner universe: the music and us. Even though taste in music is different from one person to another, the good vibe and effect of music is so similar.

Second reason we love to dance is the movement in combination with the fascinating music. For some people, dancing is a natural form of expression and others see dancing as a type of freedom.

Some specialists say that dancing involves mirror neurons— the cells that activate when a person is performing an action and the person who’s seeing it has to respond with the same action. Imagine how you yawn after you see someone else yawning.  Same situation might apply.

Moreover, dancing connects people. Even before addressing words, people can feel connected because of their moves. And that’s great about dance; it transcends language borders because it’s the same in every language.

Do you agree? Well, we love when we see your Zoobe messages uploaded on YouTube so we watched all of them and we read all your messages. Thus, these new characters are for those moments when you want to invite your friends out or you just need a partner to dance with you.

So, choose the character you like, the moves you enjoy and the music you love.


1. Dancing Smurfette  - did you know it has a record your own song option? You really have to try it!

2. Dancing Bunny – choose from the 2 kinds of styles the one that suits you!

3. Eve loves Gangnam style  - Eve has the moves. Check them out!

4. Barry the Basset– maybe you like dancing in the privacy of your own room?

5. Vic the Viking wants to dance with you – perfect way to invite your friends over for a party!

Don’t have the characters yet? Go to the Zoobe shop, get them now and start the dancing craze!