Why Leo is the king of the urban jungle

Leo’s time has come and the king of the (urban) jungle is celebrating his birthday. Anyone who is or has a Leo around knows how they like to be center of the party.

And there’s no wonder. The element associated with Leo is Fire and they are just like a ball of fire. They are confident and know their assets; they are ambitious but understand when they have to be generous and altruistic. And you can be sure of their loyalty. They’re real friends. No mixed messages here. 

But no one is perfect (even if they want to think that), so they have negative traits too. The first ones are born exactly from this confidence: they can be vain and stubborn thinking they are always right and know how the world should work. They can become domineering and demand a lot from the ones around. And when things don’t go the way they want, they can become melodramatic.

But this is part of their charm.

When you think that Barack Obama is a Leo, all starts to make sense, right? Or Madonna? Yes, you guessed, she’s a Leo too. And the ascendance of Jennifer Lawrence should have a basis as well.  But Demi Lovato, Chris Hemsworth and Mila Kunis don’t go any further than this and reveal their true color of a veritable Leo.

And because they are so great, let’s see how a Leo looks like in different moments of his life. All these before we wish Leo people around the world a big Happy Birthday!


1. When a Leo goes to sleep

Source: Tumblr 


2. When a Leo wants to party

Source: Tumblr  

3. When a Leo eats

Source: Tumblr  

4. When a Leo loves

Source: Tumblr  

5. When a Leo goes to a job interview

Source: Tumblr  

6. When a Leo breaks up with you

Source: Tumblr 

7. When a Leo thinks of himself as a cartoon character

8. When a Leo flirts

Source: Tumblr 

10. When a Leo wants to find you (even if you don’t)

Source: Tumblr  

11. When a Leo dances in front of the TV

Source: Tumblr 

You got the idea, so you better be careful how you wish him or her Happy Birthday and what kind of messages are appropriate. Here’s one that will satisfy them.

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You’ll enjoy it!