World Cup 2014 - best moments

While World Cup 2014 is getting closer and closer to an end, we dug for the best (and funniest or painful) moments of this year’s edition.

There’s been sadness, tears but also laughter and ecstatic moments. Surprises all around, but looks like our German and Argentinian Soccer Smurfs got it to the finals and we couldn’t be happier about it.

So, what should we remember from this World Cup edition?

Spain and England probably left the game too early; Belgium and Costa Rica were wonderful surprises and fought until the last second and Brazil amazed us more than anything… not in a good way.

We still have to see what’s going to happen on Sunday at the Germany vs. Argentina game and how Brazil will play on Saturday to redeem themselves.

Till then, our Soccer Smurf watched every game and made a top of the best moments captured at this event.  Are you ready for his recap?

1. Suarez and Vampire Diaries
One of the moments nobody could’ve predicted was Luis Suarez’s bite. He just stuck his teeth into Giorgio Chiellini who reacted immediately. No wonder memes with Suarez transformed into a vampire or called “Hannibal Suarez” appeared right away.

Source: tumblr


2. Robin van Persie and the wonder head

Catching a pass from about 50 yards, Robin van Persie, the Dutch player, hit one of the best goals in World Cup 2014. He scored with his head and drew another line to Spain’s early exit.

Source: tumblr

3. Bye-bye Spain – a Brazilian fan wanted to share his joy with the rest of the world 

Source: tumblr


4. Happiness dance  - When Colombian players are happy, they show it

Source: tumblr

5. Unexpected reaction from Cameroon defender Allan Nyom when he pushed Neymar

Source: tumblr

6. Argentinan coach - painful reaction when Higuain missed the goal

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7. And the unfortunate event of Neymar’s injury that sent him to the hospital and ruled him out of World Cup

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8. Historic moments – remember when we gave you 11 reasons to watch World Cup 2014? We should add the 12th: watch how history is made – Brazil was defeated by Germany with 7 -1.

Source: tumblr


Did we miss anything? Send us a message and let us know else what we should add in our top.

Meanwhile, don’t forget our Soccer Smurfs: get the German Or the Argentinian one and send cheering messages to support your team for the Sunday game!