Your daily dose of Tyranni is here!

Since Tyranni arrived to our lives, we all got crazy about him: us in the office and you at home! He's been a smashing success in the Zoobe Shop, which tell us there was need for more - so here's more.

The new 2 Tyranni packages just landed and they both come with three animated backgrounds each that will rock your world. No matter if you want to wish a Good Day, Good Morning, Good Night or if you are starving at work, thinking on that special someone or just thankful. With "A day with Tyranni" and "Thoughtful Tyranni" you are more than covered!

And who could resist to this cute green dinosaur and his proposals? It might just be your chance to invite her out. Use the hungry Tyranni and ask her to join you for a fabulous dinner. How? Here’s how:

And if you need more inspiration for your Tyranni videos, take a look on Zoobe Youtube channel