Zoobe and the winter joy

Ah, winter! That time of year when you like staying indoor, watching movies, walking in the snow just so you can come back home where the coziness floats in the air. Zoobe loves Christmas too and has a lot of themed characters for this special time of the year.

If you haven’t checked the Zoobe Shop yet, it’s now time to do it! The Christmas Adam and Eve, Rudi, the Christmas Foamies and the Xmas Smurfs are already in the shop waiting to make your winter even more amazing. And we have a few more surprises… but shhhh, don’t tell anyone. :)    

Because you and us love this time of year, we started thinking what is so special and why we love it so much. And we came up with this list. Check it out!


So here are the top joys of winter:

1. Remembering the childhood and making snowmen

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2. Marshmallows hot chocolate 

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3. Decorating the house

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4. Sending cozy & hot messages to the loved one


5. Relaxing time in the mountains

5. Zoobe winter.jpg

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6. The city looks like a whole new place

6. Zoobe winter.jpg

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7. Playing in the snow with the loved one

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8. New clothes

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9. Practicing your snowboarding skills

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10. Those awesome themed nails 

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If you want more Christmas videos, check out our YouTube channel