Zoobe at Web Summit 2015 with Donald Trump

We just had an amazing week in Dublin together in Web Summit with the one and only Donald J. Trump! It’s been a blast from beginning to end: starting with the talks and selfies with Donald in our booth and of course throughout the long line of parties we attended in the city of cozy pubs and great beer. Check the pictures below!

Zoobe is joining this week Web Summit 2015 in Dublin, both in the BETA track and with Berlin Partner für Wirtschaft und...

Posted by Zoobe - say it with character on Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Thanks to the support of Berlin Partner, we exhibited during the whole 3 days of the conference, so we had time to spread the word about Zoobe’s amazing string of characters, including the likes of Slimer and Stay Puft from Ghostbusters, Mavis and Frank from Hotel Transylvania 2, The Smurfs, Angela Merkel and many more. Both attendees and media found Zoobe an excellent way to express your emotions in your private conversation and also an opportunity for brands and businesses to be part of people’s conversations with those they love. 

In our mission to be seen and heard in one of the biggest tech conferences in Europe, we filled the halls of the RDS and the pockets of Web Summit attendees with Donald Dollars, which quickly became the most beloved currency around.

Many Americans joining the conference had strong feelings about our Donnie, but they definitely could see how to channel their anger through Zoobe’s newest character. All in all, the crowd seemed to love Zoobe’s Donald and no one could resist the temptation to take a picture with the man that’s bringing politics to new show business heights.

We even pitched Zoobe on the Audi stage and we conquered some hearts... thank you all for your support!

In the evening we joined the SXSW gathering at The Grand Social and also together with Berlin Partner the Dutch party at The Globe. The beer flowed, the talks got louder and the party started: we definitely had a blast at Orderella’s big celebration at Copper Face Jacks and at Movember’s in Barber Shop. Our only regrets are missing Braintree’s Brain Blast and well, the Fish and Chips at Lido. More reasons to visit again Dublin!

But the enjoyment didn't finish on Thursday, when the official conference ended. Zoobe stayed in Dublin for a weekend of fun, talks and surfing during the Surf Summit! Thank you Sligo for an amazing experience!

We loved Web Summit so much that we got ourselves tickets already for Web Summit 2016, next year in Lisbon. We are rather sad to say goodbye to the most amazing taxi drivers ever, the more than friendly Irish staff at the conference and in general one of the kindest people around the world. We’re sure though that Lisbon will come with many more surprises!