Zoobe Bunny - 3 new amazing packs

It's no secret people love the Zoobe Bunny. All the videos and hearts you sent are the proof of your devotion for our cute fluffy character. Our way of thanking you is to bring you new and more entertaining Bunny features and outfits. 

Have you checked the Zoobe Shop lately? You can now send "Happy Birthday" wishes to your friends with the cute Zoobe Bunny, or do some rapping with the Hip Hop Bunny. And if you are into dancing,  the Belly Dance Bunny has some new and awesome moves. 


Birthday Bunny

Brthday Bunny

There's no better way of wishing a friend or your lover "Happy Birthday" than having a cute bunny doing it for you. Jumping out of the birthday cake makes it even more lovable. Try it now! You definitely have friends celebrating their birthdays soon.   


Belly Dance Bunny

Belly Dance Bunny

She's all about the dancing so she learned some new moves. Just play some music, sing a song or just talk and she won't be able to resist. You can send cute or sexy invitations and have fun making Bunny dance. The mysterious mask adds some extra "je ne sais quoi" to the video and your message. Check it out!  


Hip Hop Bunny 

Hip Hop Bunny

If you didn't know, Bunny loves hip hop and hanging out with her friends. In case you have always secretly thought of "rapping" but didn't have the courage to do it, Bunny is here to help you out. Record your voice using the Hip Hop Bunny and then send it to your friends or upload it on YouTube, Tumblr or Vine. It looks easier, isn't it? 


We kept the best part for the end: all of the Zoobe Bunnies are FREE. So the only thing you need to do now is download the Zoobe app (if you haven't already) and go to the Zoobe Shop to get your packs for free. 

Let us know what you think about the new Zoobe Bunny characters. :D