Dress up your phone for Halloween

Halloween is knocking on the door and the costumes should be ready, the make-up prepared for the big night and your party mood should be ON. Oh, and don’t forget your phone. You are not fully equipped until your phone is dressed up for the Halloween night as well. 

In an era where the phone might be the only thing you always carry with you, you can’t leave it unmatched with your thoughtfully chosen outfit. 

If you haven’t thought of that yet, we’re here to help you with 10 ideas of Halloween phone cases to fit your costume, whether you want to be the wicked witch, prince charming, a Disney character or Wonder Woman.

Glam skull queen

Source: Etsy


Scared pumpkin will party

Source: Amazon

Bling Halloween is awesome

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Pink skull

Source: Etsy

A princess always knows how to rock the party

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Evil Twins

Source: Tattooit

Hello Zombie

Source: Etsy

Flying skulls into the glam night

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Tongue out time

Source: Digital Media Online Inc

Hello kitty gone wild

Source: Etsy

Now that you got your phone all dressed up for the Halloween night, take it with you and don’t forget to take lots of pics and send your friends creepy Zoobe messages. By the way, Eve has a message for you.

For more inspiration on Halloween makeups, costumes and decorations follow our Halloween Pinterest board. Moreover, when in need of a new outfit for your phone, check the Phone cases board and have a trendy one all year long.

 Have a Zoobe Halloween!