10 cool April Fools’ Day pranks

Do you feel like getting into the April fool’s day mood… and make some pranks? Not the terrifying or bad ones, but those kinds of jokes that will make you laugh without getting punched. If so, you are in for some treat. Here are some ideas for you:

1. Create some drama in the bathroom

Source: lol pranks


2. For any iPad lover… so, for almost everybody

Source: i am mad at you cards

3. Just because it’s soap doesn’t mean you’ll get cleaned up

Source: we know memes

4. This will drive them crazy for sure. Milk on laptop anyone?

Photo source: instructables

5. Or if it’s not milk, it’s coffee… on everything

Source: clumsy crafter

6. They hate spam? This is the perfect one!

Source: Tumblr

7. Is the room too clean? Fix it with some post-its

Source: doberdan

8. They like silence? You can fix that

Source: lol snaps 

9. Crazy about his car? Create his own rainbow and make him love it even more

Source: dump a day

10. Kitchen pranks

Source : the krazy coupon lady

Now that you know what to do, enjoy April Fools' Day!