10 secrets about Taurus in a relationship

Have you ever dated someone born in Taurus sign? If you did, you know they can be so nice… still, sometimes so hard to understand. But here are the secrets and tips on how to handle them.

Venus, the so-called goddess of beauty that reveals romance and elegance in her natives, rules Taurus. Similar to his zodiac sign, the Taurus only gets crazy when provoked. Thus he is patient and peaceful if you don’t give him reasons to get angry.

1. Taurus is Romantic

He is not into parties and prefers cozy gatherings. And the way of showing his love is through gifts and loving gestures. Maybe a romantic pet mobile message


2. Dependable

You can count on the Taurus because he will not disappoint you. His dependability makes him excellent lover and friend.


3. Loyal

Although it takes time for Taurus to fall in love, he can be the most loyal and faithful partner. He loves pleasing the loved one and will always see his relationship as a top priority.


4. Patient

He believes in doing the job right rather than being the first. He is the same in a relationship: he can wait a long time for the right match.

4. Zoobe - Taurus patient.gif


5. Generous

When in need, Taurus will help his family and friends even if it means a small loss for him.


6. Independent

Taurus prefers to be independent and strong, financially and emotionally. Just like Zoobe Adam.


7. Irresistible

Taurus can be quite irresistible to women. Serious about his love affairs, he is likely to take things slowly.


8. Possessive

Possessiveness, which often translates into jealousy, is one major negative trait of a Taurus. The more the Taurus is in love with his partner, the more possessive he becomes.

8. Zoobe Taurus Possessive.gif


9. Stubborn

You might already know that Taurus can be unbelievably stubborn and inflexible sometimes. And when he hears logical arguments he doesn’t like, he will just end the conversation and refuse to listen.

9. Zoobe Taurus - Stubborn.gif


10. Lazy

While he is patient, he can also be lazy, especially when he is being told what to do. The way you can make a Taurus do something is to motivate him properly.



Now you know how to handle the Taurus. If you want to know more about other signs and you missed our articles, take a look at what you must know about Aquarius and Arian’s traits. And don't forget to send him a Happy birthday Zoobe message and make him feel special.