10 Selfie fails and tips

Whether you are a celeb or just a Facebook and Instagram user, you had at least once the urge to take a selfie and wait for people to like and comment on how good you look. You can even take it to the next level and transform it into a selfie message. Did you know that?


Ok, but first, let’s establish what is a selfie. By definition, we are talking about a photo you take of yourself with the purpose of uploading it on Facebook, Instagram or any other social network or even of sending it on a personal message.


Why do people do this? Either because of the selfie trend or cause they need to be admired and complimented.  


Buuuut before you lift your camera above your head and push the button, take a look at these selfie fails and learn what you shouldn’t do. Try to avoid having this reaction when you take a selfie and see the result. 


1. Beginner’s mistake

2. Even stars fail on taking a good selfie

3. Make sure your mom is not watching you grabbing that selfie

4. That awkward moment when your cat is more photogenic than you are


5. This is definitely a NO-NO – no friends on the toilet, if you want to spare yourself the embarrassment

6. No duck face – Monalisa, we expected more from you

7. This is a complicated one. If you are not an expert, don’t try this at home

8. This is for pros: a selfie in the wind just as you saw in the magazines. You might want to let this one for professional photographers and the cover shoots.

9. Zoobe selfie message - picture in the wind.jpg

9. Selfie with a star – you want to add a plus to your selfie and take a picture with a celeb? Well, at least make sure he doesn’t see you as an amateur paparazzi 

10. Here are some tips on what to DO for a good selfie.

You can put your selfie into a Zoobe message and add a real plus to it. Some of the Zoobe lovers already did it.

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