10 ways to say “I am sorry”

They say “sorry” is the hardest word. We are sure you had this problem before so here are some of the most used ways to apologize but also some creative manners to adopt when you want to be sure your message will be received loud and clear.

It’s within our nature to run away and not admit our fault. We blame the other ones and think that they should be the ones to apologize. But after passing the anger stage and letting go of the pride, we might realize it really could be our fault. 

When did you find yourself in this kind of situation? Maybe you forgot about an anniversary or missed on calling someone dear to you; maybeyou smashed your mother’s car or missed your best friend’s birthday. You might need to say sorry because you broke someone’s heart or that you were late for your wife's romantic dinner; maybe even need to apologize for spending all your father’s money.  

However you look at these situations, at least once you got yourself in the “have to say I’m sorry” spotlight. Whether it is a big reason or a small one, these words might be the right answer. Even our bunny learned to say “I am sorry”, so it might not be that hard.

And that is that. But how do you do it?

There are thousands of ways to choose from but you have to pick the one that suits you best. Here are some options:   

1. I am sorry cards

Why do you think people invented these little sorry cards? For other people like us who can’t pronounce the right words and find it so hard to open the mouth and communicate. If you are an introvert and feel  it’s difficult to express your feelings, it might be the choice to consider. But don’t run just now to buy a card because we have more options for you.  

2. I am sorry SMS

Some people might find it rude and not such a thoughtful gesture, but hey, we’re living in the era of technology and a sincere written SMS could open the door to forgiveness.


3. Sorry phone call

You may want to say those little words face-to-face but if you are the kind of person who doesn’t have any patience and wants everything on the spot, just as soon as they realized they were wrong, pick up your phone and fix the situation now.

4. Face-to-face kind of I am sorry

Maybe you are brave and want to look in the person’s eyes. You deserve congrats. Grab her hand, look into her eyes and make yourselves happy because that’s what matters in life, right?


5. Sorry cake

If you don’t have the courage to open your mouth and say the magic words but consider yourself a romantic person, you might love the idea of making (or buying) a personalized cake with an “I am sorry” message. Worst case scenario, she will eat the cake and she’ll adore your sweet lie. :)


6. I am sorry video

If you search on Youtube for videos of people who are sorry about what they did, you will understand that you are not the only one who finds it so difficult. Get inspired and make a nice video for the person you’ve hurt.


7. I am sorry flowers

Probably one of the oldest ways to say you regret what you did is by sending a big bouquet of flowers and a simple tasteful card. Worth trying.

8. I am sorry GIF

If he’s into new things, GIFs are so today. Spend some time finding a nice GIF which will capture the feelings you have and make him a surprise.   

9. I am sorry website

Here you have to be our kind of geek. Who can ignore a whole website dedicated to them? It means you’ve put a lot of work and time to make them understand how sorry you are.


10. I am sorry 3D message

Ok, what we told you by now can fit your problem or not but this one most certainly will. It takes less than a minute, it’s creative, it’s easy and the chances you’d be forgiven are sooo high.


If you haven’t tried it by now, here’s your chance. Open your Zoobe Pets app, choose one of our lovely pets and make it deliver the hard message for you. It’s your voice, your words but still, our pets (cat, piggy, dog or bear) will be the ones to do the worst part. And you can be sure, a smile will appear on the person’s face when watching the 3D message.

Need some inspiration? Here’s how you do it:

And if you need some more inspiration in choosing the right message, here’s more on our Hard to say I am sorry Pinterest board.