11 reasons you should watch World Cup 2014

The biggest event of the year is almost here and people of all ages can’t wait to see amazing matches

Millions of messages will be sent all over the world: encouraging and supporting the favorite team, cheering and screaming when the team wins and sending sad messages when they lose. None of us will be impassive to this event.

And Zoobe just couldn’t stay away. We had to bring you all the tools to send awesome World Cup messages. More than ever, this time we bring you 8 different new characters: the Soccer Smurfs.

You can send your unique messages now using the Soccer Smurf or go even closer and get the specific smurf for one of the followings teams: Germany, Brazil, Spain, Netherlands, Russia, Portugal or Argentina.

Just like this one:

When an estimated 715.1 million people watched the final match of the 2006 FIFA World Cup held in Germany, you could imagine this year won’t be less.

And even though not that many girls like soccer, you might be one of them. Aren’t you? : Either way, we found at least 11 reasons you should watch the World Cup this summer.  

1. Next day you’ll have another discussion topic rather than same old talks

Source: Tumblr

2. There are always amazing moments that cannot be explained. So spare yourself of “you had to be there” line

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3. Just another reason to wear a funny outfit

Source: Because futbol

4. Or have those awesome matching nails

Source: Nail idea site

5. Learn new tricks that you can try next day

Source: Fy springfield

6. That look on a boy’s face when he finds out that you actually know what an offside is

Source: Tumblr

7. You want to understand all those Facebook posts the next day

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8. This can be a really good pretext to watch the game with that guy you’ve always liked but never had the courage to admit

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9. That moment when your favorite team actually wins a game

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10. And let’s admit it: some of the players are really good looking

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11. Want to take it one step further? Try this:

Source: Armedskeeter

Now that you saw the reasons and you are thinking of watching World Cup, here’s the schedule:


Source: Fifa

Pick your matches and let your friends know. In the end, good moments are better with friends. So grab the Zoobe app and send your friends a Soccer Smurf invitation to watch the games together