5 most used features on mobile apps

Who doesn’t love smartphones? There are over 5 billion mobile phones in the world out of which 1,08 billion are smartphones and probably most of them have at least one app installed.

It is clear that this device got to the point where it’s not just a simple tool which helps us stay in touch with our families but it’s part of our lives. We talked about our funny addiction to smartphones before, but what do people like doing with their mobile apps on those beloved phones?  

We came down to 5 major used features on mobile apps:

1. Photos 

You can be a pro, a tourist who saves memories in his phone, a mommy who loves taking pics of her kids or a beauty lover who looks at every object as a piece of art. We all adore taking pictures and using apps which help us take better photos.


Take a look at this infographic: we're now snapping as many photos every two minutes as humanity as a whole did in the 1800s. That means we are all into photos, right?  

2. Share 

But what is a picture or a video if it’s not shared with the rest of the world? You passed an exam, you have a new job, you saw something funny or you just made the best omelette, you gotta share it with the world on your iPhone or Android apps.

Some data shows that last year every minute people uploaded 48 hours of new videos, Flickr users added 3,125 new photos, Instagram users shared 3,600 photos, over 100,000 tweets were sent and Facebook users sent 684,468 pieces of content. Damn, we love sharing with others.

See more info about the data created every moment.

3. Pets 

There’s no wonder cat videos are such a big success - we can’t stop ourselves from watching those cute animals. Either you are a cat or a dog person, either you are a pet owner or not, you got to admit a smile on your face appears when you see those creatures playing.

Trendhunter explains why the pets are so successful. If you just love them, go ahead and search for funny pets but if you also want to understand why and how, take a look at this pets on internet article


4. Friends

We like those mobile apps that keep us connected to our friends. No matter what we do, friends are friends and we want to stay in touch with them.

And data is not lying: it looks like 91% of the mobile internet access is to used for socializing.  

5. We like free stuff 

This is not necessarily something you can do with your mobile app but we all love free stuff. It can be either a home cook meal from your mom or a free ride with your friend’s car; no matter what it is, you know it’s better when it’s free.


So, go get yourself a free app, take a picture, choose a lovely pet - piggy, cat, dog or bear and share it with your friends. Zoobe app is there for all of the reasons above.