Happy anniversary, Disney - 10 awesome GIFs to celebrate it

Once upon a time there was a place where all dreams came true, the good always won and true love seemed to find its own way to triumph every time.

Well, it wasn’t really that long ago and that place was actually real; it is the beautiful world of Disney and today we celebrate 90 years since Walt Disney started to beautify our world with wonderful stories and to bring magic to the young ones at soul, no matter the age.

16th of October 1923 was the official beginning of the Walt Disney company when Walt signed a contract with M. J. Winkler to produce a series of Alice Comedies.

Although the times have changed and we never lived in a fairy tale anyway, we still can relate to some of the characters’ situations. Or at least we think so.  

And even though we are not children anymore, we all melt when watching a Disney movie and we still love cartoon characters. They are so sweet; whether they are innocent pincesses or they represent the bad character that always wants to spoil the other ones’ plans.

There’s no better way to celebrate Disney’s anniversary than to prove how much we include cartoons into our lives; even the classic ones. That’s why we described the most common situations in nowadays through Disney GIFs. Which ones apply to your day-to-day life the most?


When you see your annoying neighbor on your way to work


When home alone, in front of the mirror


When you haven’t seen your best friends in 2 hours


When you want to sleep and a mosquito bugs you 


When ending a bad date

5. Disney gif - Beauty and the beast - GTFO - Zoobe wishes them happy anniversary.gif


When you see your name in the newspaper for the first time

6. newspaper - Disney gif - Zoobe wishes them happy anniversary.gif


When being asked if you have a job yet

7. Alice in Wonderland - Disney gif - Zoobe wishes them happy anniversary.gif


When you have the best date ever

8. Lady and the tramp - Disney gif - Zoobe wishes them happy anniversary.gif


When talking on the phone while walking


When you dream at night

Can’t get enough of Disney characters? Take a look at our Pinterest Disney board and relive your childhood.

But before heading there, here’s Eve’s message to Disney and to all of you, guys.