Happy New Year and a Zoobe party

Are you ready for the biggest party of the year? There’s not too much time left until 2013 ends, so settle for an outfit, pick the people you’ll have alongside at the minute 0 and make sure to send those “Happy New Year” messages or your parents will think you don’t care.

What’s so special about this night and why are we all so excited anyway? Maybe cause it’s the moment we leave everything behind and we have new hopes for the new year. Maybe it’s the beginnings that excite us. Or maybe we just like dressing up and having a great party.

Whether your reason is, you are pretty sure you’re gonna have a great time. So to make sure you will, here are 6 things to have in mind:

1. Pick the right crowd


2. Go to a party you know you’ll like

3. Choose the right outfit

4. Measure your drinking

5. Don’t start your year crying

6. Don’t forget your swag home :)

Before you do all these, do you a favor and send an awesome greeting message before the New Year’s Eve party. This way you will get to enjoy the big night at its fullest without worrying about what to write or say. It’s time to create new memories.

Here’s how you do it:

It’s time to leave bad thoughts behind, to make whishes for the New Year and enjoy the magic of new beginnings. Have the best year filled with achievements, love and joy! Happy New Year!