Have a party with your Zoobe bear Day

Have you ever heard of “Have a party with a bear” Day? No, we are not kidding. This is an actual holiday. But we can understand it. When we don’t have a reason to party, we invent one, right? This is how the “Have a party with a bear” Day probably appeared. If you don’t have a bear around you, don’t worry. We have the perfect one for you.

Every year,  “Have a party with your bear” Day is celebrated on November 16th . And this year is even better cause the holiday is on a Saturday. That means we can party all day and all night long. But the details of this celebration are a little blurry since this holiday does not specify the type of bear you should have a party with. This could mean a stuffed toy bear, a stuffed museum bear, or even a real bear.

It’s good that Zoobe bear is here to help you have the best “Have a party with your bear” Day ever. Teddy bears are for kids, museum bears don’t know how to have fun and real bears… well, they’re just mean and don’t speak. They just say roaaar. So you got yourself the best bear you could get on this occasion. 

Additionally you can always invite some friends to join the party, but the bear is a must.

So grab your phone, get ready to take pictures and add the Zoobe bear in the frame. You can even dress him up with one of the 4 outfits, put him on the happy or dancing mood and get the party started. 

The Zoobe bear has a message for you and it seems he already made a plan for the special day.


Do you need a hug? Ok, but after this you have to put your party mood on

Zoobe bear will help you get ready

Too crowded? Zoobe bear will take care of it

Zoobe bear will dance with you till the dawn

If you want to, Miley Cyrus might show up

Don’t worry about the cleaning. The Zoobe bear will take care of it

Good night time – or morning sleep time. It’s Sunday anyway.

Have an awesome party with the Zoobe bear!