How to celebrate “Wear purple for peace day” on your mobile

Peace on Earth is probably the most desired thing by everyone in the world and now is the time to show it because it’s Wear Purple for Peace day. This unusual holiday is celebrated on May 16 and you’ll be surprised to find out how it was born.

It’s not based on stopping wars (at least not its first purpose) but on promoting peace on Earth, making it a peaceful place and encourage alien species to make contact with us. For this, we should wear purple clothes and adopt peace.

But maybe you don’t believe in aliens or maybe you don’t feel like dressing up but still want to celebrate peace. Then, we have the solution for you: celebrate “Wear purple for peace day” on your mobile phone. How? Just follow these steps.

1. Set a purple wallpaper


2. Share a picture of your new purple shoes on Instagram

3. Send a peace message

5. … or why not your laptop too?

6. Make a collage with your purple life and share it

7. Had your nails done? You BFF might find them very interesting

8. Want something more dramatic? Dye your hair for a day and amaze your Facebook friends

9. Found something purple while walking? Take a photo and share it with the world

10. Play Gogol Bordello’s song on your phone - start wearing purple