Kitty is in love with autumn

Zoobe pets have a strong character and either they are happy, excited, angry, sorry or they dance, all of them have certain hobbies and interests similar to the ones you have.

We are sure you already met Schnitzel, our traveler piggy, and there are more to come about him and his trip around the world, but what about our cat? 

Lovely Kitty is now so excited that fall has come because she’s an incurable romantic. After all those adventures and parties during summer, she’s ready to reveal her sensitive side.  

She loves when the trees catch all those beautiful colors and the city becomes like a beautiful rainbow: orange, yellow and red leaves, blue sky and green grass. It’s the perfect moment to fall in love and she hopes this season she will find the one.

So, whenever you find a beautiful autumn view in your city, don’t forget to take a picture and ask Kitty to deliver your message to the ones you love.

Meanwhile, she has a message for you: