Love your pet day – 11 Zoobe reasons to adore them

Pet lovers know we don’t need a day to celebrate our pets because we love them every day. Just as we don’t need Valentine’s Day to love someone, but you have to admit sometimes there’s no harm in having a reminder for this.

Love Your Pet Day takes place on February 20th each year and it seems to emphasize the love we have for our pets. If you neglected your pet, here’s your chance to give it extra attention, let it sleep alongside you or give it a special treat.

Either it is a dog, a cat, a Guinea Pig, a hamster or a bunny, we bet we can amaze you with the newest Zoobe pet: a dinosaur – Tyranni. Here’s his message to you:

Which are the reasons you love pets? Here are ours:

1.     They are funny

Source: Tumblr

2.     They are sooo cute (when they want)

Source: Lol Cute Animals 

3.     Probably one friend that loves you unconditionally

Source: We Heart It

4.     They got you hooked up from the first second

Source: Tumblr

5.     They know how to ask in a way you can’t refuse

Source: We Heart It

6.     You can always count on them if you didn’t hear your alarm

Source: Tumblr

7.     They always make friends really fast

Source: Tumblr

8.      They can help you make new friends … or more

Source: We Heart It

9.     They can still surprise you

Source: Tumblr

10.  They’re like a cheap therapist

Source: Funny Arena 

11. Exactly what the doctor prescribes


Source: Tumblr

If you love your pet, send us a Zoobe message with it and let the whole world know how special it is for you. You know it deserves to be famous.