New Year’s resolutions (maybe in 2014 you’ll hold on to them)

This is it. The holidays passed, all the food was eaten, the parties and relaxation days ended. Now you’re fresh and can put your things together to write your new year’s resolutions list. Or at least you should. Here we come, New Year!

This is what you should try: make a Zoobe message with your resolutions and send it to your friends; this way you have to hold on to them. They all know them, so you don’t want to be embarrassed. Zoobe Piggy says them good:


So this is our list. Which ones apply to you? We bet a lot of them. :)

1.     Eat healthier

2.     Wake up early

3.     Go to gym

4.     Learn how to cook


5.     Listen the friends when they’re talking


6.     Start a new sport

7.     Save some money

8.     Travel more

9.     Be more sociable

10.Find a hobby