Oscars 2014 – Eve’s plan for the big event

This is not just another article about the 2014 Oscar predictions or stars’ mistakes. We already announced the nominees and we know you already found a lot of opinions on who will win this year’s awards.

This is an article about you. Have you ever thought how it would be for you to get ready to win an Oscar award?

Well, we did. Or Eve sure did. She is eager to get there and she made the whole plan for the big night. All based on this year’s nominees.


1. Putting the makeup on

2. Hairdresser knows nothing. Dismiss!!!

3. This is it! Wish me good luck!

4. Ok, I got my personal driver, just like a star

5. Too afraid of the media

6. Ready? Step on the red carpet

7. When the camera surprises me

8. My face if I win

9. What will actually be in my head

10. If I don’t win…

Source: Tumblr