Santa’s List Day

You know that moment when Christmas is approaching and just then you realize you should be a really good person to get a lot of presents? Well… don’t bother.  

Are you familiar with the “He’s making a list, checking it twice, gonna find out who’s naughty or nice” saying?  Then you should know that today is Santa’s List Day so that means he’s checking his list today for the last time before Christmas.

And now comes the scary question: which list will you be on today: the naughty or the nice people list?

Now, no matter what list you are on, you should probably make your own list… with the presents you’d like to receive.

Just in case you think your list might not have a basis and you want to be sure you will get more than you deserve, you should probably send Santa something nice so he’ll know you can do good deeds too.

You can send him some cookies or cupcakes but the easiest way is to send him a lovely message that will make his heart melt. What about a Zoobe message? You can even dress the character in the winter sweater. Take a look here:

PS: He’s starting counting your good and bad deeds on 26th of December again, so you have until then to go crazy cause he’ll be too busy to acknowledge your behavior. But shhh… don’t spread the rumor. Keep it just for you.