Valentine’s Day awesome ideas

The official lovers day is coming. You might adore it, hate it or just think it’s a marketing idea and resent it. Either way, we must admit that love matters and even though it probably should be celebrated everyday, at least we remember once a year that love exists.


We said we’ll give you ideas for V-Day, but you definitely know all about candies, movies, and romantic dinners. Zoobe is all about messages; including love messages that will make your loved one melt.

We scouted around and found 7 awesome messages you should try this year. And it wasn’t really easy because you can find so many mooshy – kitschy things.

1. Zoobe Love message

2. DIY messages

Source: Tumblr

3. Air love messages

Are you feeling generous and you like audience, why don’t you try a sky message?

Source: Etsy

4. Reasons you love him or her

Source: Pinterest

5. Love in the snow

Source: Pinterest 

6. Smile in the morning

Source: We Heart It

7. Message in a bottle

Source: We Heart It