Valentine’s Day fails

What did we tell you about Valentine’s Day gifts and messages last week? Hope you know what you are doing. Before tomorrow comes, take a look at these V-Day fails and make sure you are not on your way to disaster town. 

Sit down and prepare to laugh or to cry, depending on your situation, but most certainly you won’t remain impassive.

Blame it on auto-correct


Two way knife

Maybe you think that’s a compliment. Well, think again.

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Let the experts do the cooking

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No no no no noooo. We said NO.


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Love me or die

Ok, maybe he left and you want to win him back but… this might not be the right solution. Only if it’s a joke and he has a good sense of humor.

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You had one job

Before you send any gifts involving words, be sure the spelling is correct. Or you might end up eating your words alone.

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If you do blow it after all, at least here’s your chance to fix it: