Why we love our moms

Who’s the one that cares most about you? Who’s the one who will be there for you no matter what? It’s the one that has the toughest job in the world and still enjoys doing it. It’s you mother.

Needless to say that we should appreciate our mothers everyday, but at least once a year remember to show your mother how much you care. If you can visit her, do that. If not, send her a message or an email and tell her how a simple “I love you, mom”. 

Because it’s Mother’s Day. Celebrated on various days in many parts of the world, Mother’s Day is most commonly acknowledged on second Sunday of May. It’s similar to Women’s Day but honors mothers and maternal bond. Moreover, unlike other holidays’ names, Mother’s Day is used as singular on purpose. Each child honors his or her  mother, not all mothers in the world. Because it’s that special bond. :)

Before you grab your phone to call or text your mother, take a few moments to check our list of reasons we love moms and remember why you love yours.


1. They try to teach us how to eat healthy

Source: Tumblr

2. They are our superheros

 Source: Tumblr

3. The make us confident

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4. And always know what to say

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5. They try to be in trend… just like us

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6. Sometimes they try too much

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7. They try to understand our language

Source: blame it on the voices

8. They might not know too much about technology but they sure try

Source: pop fountain

 9. And in the end…

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10. Now go, scream and let your mother know

 Source: Tumblr

Or better, send her a lovely, heart-melting Zoobe message, Just like this one.