Why your best friend should be a Gemini

We all have best friends and we know how important they are too us. We have fun together, laugh and cry together but most important, we know that we can trust and always rely on them. We can just pick up the phone or send them a message and they are there for us. 

Now, whoever your BFF might be and whichever his or her sign is, we are sure you wouldn’t change them for anything in the world. But we traced down the best characteristics of a friend and the people born under the Gemini sign show some nice traits that a friend should have. Is this your case too?

Based on this, we could say that Johnny Depp, Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen and Kanye West are BFF material. Born as a Gemini are also Angelina Jolie, Kate Upton, Neil Patrick Harris, Shia LaBeouf and Colin Farrell.

Which one would you like to have as best friend? Ok, ok, you can dream for a few seconds.

Before getting to the 10 characteristics that make Gemini a good friend, Maya the Bee has a message about her friend, Willy, who is born under the Gemini sign.


1. Witty and easily approachable

Source: Tumblr 

2. Adaptable

They are open-minded and easy-going so they adapt and enjoy each moment.

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3. Charming

It’s pretty hard to resist to a Gemini’s charm

Source: Tumblr 

4. Friendly and caring

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5. Indecisive

They might need your help to decide on what they want to do

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6. Enthusiastic

They love exciting things and transmit their enthusiasm to the ones around them too.

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7. They easily trust people

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8.  Always taking care of their friends

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9. Gemini people are sensitive persons

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10. They are masters of communication – if you need an advice, they are the ones you should ask

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If your BFF is a Gemini too, after reading this article, send him or her a birthday Zoobe message to show your friendship.

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