World Hello Day with Zoobe

Today is World Hello Day, the perfect day to communicate with the ones around us; either they are our best friends or just some people we see for the first time. The holiday started being celebrated in 1973 and its objective is a simple one: to say hello to ten people on that day. But since we are all busy people, we decided to send 10 Zoobe messages to people and make their day better.

 A simple hello and an honest smile can make a person feel better and bring some joy because someone thought of him or her. And if you add the Zoobe characters’ charm and cuteness to deliver your message, you’ll get more than that. Laughs are not excluded.

Now let’s play a game: take a piece of paper and write the first 10 persons that come to mind. Don’t cheat and think too much. You have 30 seconds. Start! Ready? Now think which was the one you haven’t talked to in a while? That’s the first you should start with.  You can be sure that he or she will be happy to hear from you today.

Just a tips: if you got your eyes on someone, today it’s the perfect excuse to send him or her a Zoobe message and start a conversation. You have to greet 10 people  after all, right?

And if you want to impress a girl, try sending her a message with the Zoobe earless rabbit and if you want to get a guy’s attention, a good idea might be a Zoobe bear or the sexy Eve.

Here’s an example to give you some inspiration on how to start yours. Well, we tried another kind of hello. :D