Zoobe pets love food

They say love goes through the stomach and that’s just another way of saying that we all love food. Scientifically, when we eat, serotonin (also known as the “happiness hormone”) is being released in our bodies, making us happier. At least for a short time. So why shouldn’t we love food as long as we love being happy?    

In the last decade, people started acknowledging the importance of healthy food more and more and began paying attention not only to the food itself but to the aesthetic aspect as well.  And once the social networks exploded, we got to see food pictures everywhere. Whether it’s on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest or tumblr, the food is splashing all over the place and our daily appetite goes higher whilst our demands get more fastidious.

Moreover, we somehow connect our feelings and situations to different types of food. That’s why they say a box of chocolate can make any girl smile and a pizza should be shared with friends and family.

So, we started looking for top dishes people prefer and how they associate them with their moods. Well… then we caught our Zoobe pets while expressing their feelings according to their food desires. Let’s see what came out of this.

Zoobe bunny and the “I am sorry” cupcakes


Zoobe kitty and the “Let’s dance” salad

Zoobe piggy and the friendship pizza

Zoobe bear and the angry message

We are sure that you love at least one of the Zoobe pets’ favorite dishes but if you are up for something more complicated and pretentious, here’s your chance. On 8th of November it’s “Cook something bold and pungent” day. With this occasion people allover the world skip their usual meal and try something courageous. To spare the search of new ideas, take a look at the Zoobe Food Pinterest board and pick the one you feel like indulging yourself with.   

Oh, and we don’t want to forget the ones who love sweets: here’s one for you, guys: the Sweets Pinterest Board. 

Now let your senses free, cook something bold and enjoy it all the way to the bottom. And don’t forget to send some Zoobe messages with that delicious food of yours.