Zoobe wishes you a yummy 4th of July with Liberty Burger and Freedom Fries

The USA Independence Day is tomorrow and we're excited to share with you the special characters we've created for the 4th of July celebration and greetings. Send from now on your best messages to your friends with Liberty Burger and French Fries: these 2 buddies are cheering for America this weekend and will be your best allies when creating impressive videos for your friends and family. But also remember we have plenty of characters and you can use them all for your 4th of July greetings. Just take a look:

To create your own messages with Liberty Burger and French Fries is pretty easy: just download the Zoobe app for free and find them in the Zoobe shop also free of charge. Pick your favourite character, record your voice message and let Zoobe do the rest. In case you are not inspired and don't know what to say, we've got your back: check under Zoobes in the Inspiration List and find plenty of perfect messages you can send to impress everyone this 4th of July.

Have an awesome celebration this weekend!