Zoobe Year 2014 in Review

2014 was an excellent year for Zoobe. Our app has grown in the App Stores like never before, we welcomed to our Shop amazing and worldwide famous new characters and our team got bigger. Would you like us to crunch all the amazing numbers and great news of 2014 in a list? Well, here it is:



1. Zoobe 2.0 goes live

Zoobe started 2014 releasing the 2.0 version of our app. It merged Zoobe Pets and Zoobe Eve in a brand new Zoobe, featuring our new Zoobe shop where our users could easily find free and paid avatars to use in their daily mobile messaging exchange of cute videos. 

2. New Zoobe characters

This year we welcomed to the Zoobe family Om Nom from Cut the RopePaddingtonThe Smurfs, Street Fighter, Maya the Bee, Vic the Viking, Pinky the Present, Mad Box Zombies and Angela Merkel. Also, our Smurfs became soccer players while World Cup was happening and you guys showed us that you really loved them. That's an impressive line up of big names, now available as 3D animated avatars to send from your mobile with just a few taps. We couldn't be more proud of having them in Zoobe!


Combining the downloads of Zoobe in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store, we reached this year the mark of 2M downloads. We have to admit that being featured globally in the Google Play store 3 times this year didn't hurt ;)

3. Hundreds of thousands of daily messages

Another number we are mighty proud of: we reached 500K+ Zoobes created daily this year!

4. Viber integration 

Not enough good news? Well, here's another: we started offering Zoobe within Viber in 21 countries, and we couldn't be happier about it! This means you can add animated messages to your conversations on your favourite messaging app with your favourite Zoobe characters. Cool, huh?

5. Record number of Zoobe messages 

All in all, 80M of Zoobes have been created around the world in 2014. That's a lot of love and smiles sent around, don't you think? A special thanks to the Russian Zoobe lovers, who have been the main contributors to this amazing numbers. Cпасибо!

6. Ready-to-go messages 

We released the beta version of the "ready-to-go" Zoobe videos: if you are the shy type, our Video List includes now several fun and cute video messages to send around to your friends and family. Have a look and let us know below in the comments if there's any video you'd like to see and send to your friends. We'll do our best to deliver!

7. All Stars feature 

If you wanted to check a character before downloading it, this year we added the perfect feature: Zoobe All Stars. You can try the characters for a limited period and then choose the ones you want to have for yourself. 

8. The Zoobe Team

This year we grew from 21 to 32 employees. Our office in Kurfürstendamm is getting tight, so who knows what's gonna happen in 2015? Here you have us on Thursday during our Christmas dinner cheering for you:


9. Our Social Media family 

Zoobe reached 12K+ fans on Facebook, 500+ followers on Twitter, 15M+ Zoobe videos were uploaded to YouTube by our users and our YouTube channel has now 400K+ views and 1.000+ subscribers in total. We are really happy to have you around, Zoobe lovers!

10. Zoobe babies 

A Zoobe baby was born, and another one is on the way. We literally produce cuteness at Zoobe!

11. We met a lot of wonderful people 
We were not only in our cute and cozy office but we went even abroad to meet plenty of amazing people. We attended Dublin Web Summit 2014, DMEXCO in Cologne, Google Big Tent Berlin and Opening of Factory Berlin, where the atmosphere was vibrant and we got the chance to talk to interesting and fascinating folks.  


For all of the above reasons, we want to thank you. Thank you for using Zoobe and sharing the joy with your most beloved ones. Thank you for every email you send us giving us ideas or giving us the opportunity to fix any trouble Zoobe is giving to you. Thank you for the good and bad reviews: they cheer us up and they help us to get even better. Thank you for an amazing year: we are looking forward to enjoy many more years to come. To an amazing 2015 together with you!