Zoobe's new home in the heart of Berlin

Feels like yesterday, but it has been already a month since the whole Zoobe team packed their bags and moved from the old office in Kurfürstendamm, right in the middle of West Berlin, to our hip new address in Mitte. Do you want to hear all the details of our moving adventure?

It all started in the last week of January, exactly for Fun at Work Day: and what's more exciting than packing, huh? After 3 awesome years in front of the beautiful Remembrance Church (Gedächtniskirche) and the always freaky Zoologischer Garten train station, we had decided to move to the eastern side of Berlin. But it was not going to be an easy endeavour to fit everything in our moving boxes and take them to the other side of the city, was it?

Here you can see the Zoobe team working hard on making the packing magic happen:

The packing, loading and unloading of heavy boxes was indeed hard, but at the other side of town, we had the best of rewards waiting for us. A brand new empty office to fill with creativity, joy and awesome characters! For a start though, we started filling it in with computers, screens, cables and chairs. Look at that mess!

Once settled in, the good part started: our new office is wider, brighter and more open. The jewell of the crown is most definitely our new kitchen, which being bigger and rocking a dishwasher, brings our Salad Tuesday and Smoothie Wednesday tradition to a whole new level. Just come and see:

Not everything could be perfect, though. A brighter office is a great thing, unless the winter sun is shinning and you mix that up with your computer screens. Luckily, someone found a quick fix for that:

Ray lights and all, it took us a few weeks to feel completely done with our new home, but once we did, we invited our new neighbours right away for a few drinks. The guys from DCM and Tape.tv surely enjoyed themselves last Friday evening!

What do you think about our new office? Leave us a comment and we'll make sure to include you in the invitation list of our upcoming housewarming party! What, you thought a couple of beers were enough?