Om nom from Cut the Rope is now in Zoobe!

Cut the Rope is a worldwide smash hit gaming app that has had over 400 million downloads around the world and rising. The star of the game is the round, lovely and ever-hungry, ever-green Om Nom. Om Nom has been a firm favourite of the Zoobe family for a while.

Om Nom is always getting himself into sticky situations. Luckily he has a lot of good friends to help him out. But now Om Nom is really spoilt for choice in the playmates department because SHE has arrived.

Om Nelle is a cuter version of Om Nom with much nicer lashes. She’s a little candy-eating monster girl. Zoobe and the Cut the Rope team have ensured that with her avatar you can send an animated message to your friends and loved ones with a 100% cuteness overload!

Via Zoobe it is possible to send 3D animated video messages with Om Nom’s cute avatar and your own voice. Surprise your friends and all big Cut the Rope fans by sending an enthusiastic Om Nom message, remember he gets particularly excited when he is near food, any food really… but especially when it comes to a holiday season full of candy.

We at Zoobe are very excited to bring you this exclusive Valentine's day in-app package - you can now send a message that has TWO avatars featured in it, making room for even more creativity and we are launching this with none other than Om Nom and Om Nelle from Cut The Rope! With these seasonally love inspired Zoobes you can create a scene using your voice, which shows them talking to each other whilst they snuggle beneath a beautiful moon encasing the words 'love you' or send a video to your mates and loved ones of them 'floating with love' where Om Nom or Om Nelle fly through the sky holding pink heart shaped ballons whilst they deliver your messages of infatuation.

Cut the Rope is run by Zeptolab a global gaming company dedicated to the science of fun with an impressive 6 million downloads across its games. They have released a new app called ‘My Om Nom’ within which you can look after Om Nom or Om Nelle via your phone! It's all the fun and joy of having a pet without the walks in the rain or any mess ;) Via this awesome new app you can feed them, dress them, play with them, decorate their rooms, pet them, cuddle them; Zeptolab are paving the way for hordes of happy Om Nom and Om Nelle owners.

Cut the Rope was initially released for iOS in December 2013 and Zoobe are thrilled to be working in conjunction with such an exicting team of developers. 

Why say it via boring old text when you can WOW your mates with a Zoobe?!

Om NOm on Zoobe

Om Nom in action

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