Left Shark is now in Zoobe!

Left Shark has joined the Zoobe family! Send your family and friends pro dancing tips direct from Left Shark himself, watch him and his friends the palm trees get their groove on or perhaps more correctly get off their groove. Share your Left Shark messages on our Facebook page we would love to see them!

Left Shark is an Internet sensation, not only is he currently the world’s most popular shark but he is also making moves to save the planet! WHO is Left Shark? Well if you don’t already know (and if you don’t, you must have been sleeping through the last few days) then here is his story. 

Last Sunday pop star Katy Perry performed at one of America’s favourite events the Superbowl half time show. She dazzled the crowds with multiple, larger than life outfits accompanied by a giant lion and magical creatures. 

She sang some of her most beloved hits including Teenage Dream. It was during this number that she was joined on stage by two sharks, one to her left and one to her right. Now the shark to the right… boy did he have the moves but his pal to the left of Katy AKA Left Shark… was dancing to his own rhythm and basically doing his own thing. Left Shark blew UP on Twitter and thus it became that Left Shark made history in that moment as worst dancing Shark that ever graced TV. Quite a title! One that he will most likely hold on to for a long time to come. 

Not only has he become the world’s favourite shark but now he is also helping to save his brothers and sisters in the wild via environmental engineer David Lam who is selling Left Shark fancy dress costumes and stickers. So there be some cool looking people dressed as sharks this weekend and all the proceeds are to going to the World Wildlife Fund and the Wildlife Conservation Society. Left Shark and Right Shark are becoming celebrities in their own right even getting interviewed on prime time US TV by Katy Perry’s rumoured ‘boyfriend of the moment’ John Mayer.

Have fun with Zoobe’s new family member Left Shark because he certainly plans to do his thing!

Left Shark in action

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